When Will the Iraqi Dinar Finally Revalue?


Anyone trading currencies or involved in the Forex market by now has heard of the Iraqi Dinar. Many of you probably are already sitting on a nice little stack hoping this will eventually revalue and become millionaires. The new Iraqi Dinar was first introduced back in 2003 as the new currency was put in place after Saddam Hussein was overthrown.

The old currency with Saddam’s portrait was demonetized and the new introduced. Since then many speculators swooped in buying up billions of these new bills and began selling them to whoever believed in Iraq’s future. However many people scoffed at the idea simply due to the fact there was a war going on and the future for the people let alone the economy looked very bleak.

However many Dinar investors held on to their notes believing they will become millionaires overnight logging on to chat rooms and listening to all rumors.

For the past 6 years there’s been nothing but rumors and more rumors. There are so many people on these chat rooms claiming to have ‘contacts’ inside the banks and they know when the Dinar will revalue. It’s been like this for several years now with dates popping up all saying, “This is the day – confirmed”.

The truth is that no one knows when the Iraqi Dinar will revalue. I repeat no one knows the exact date. There are so many factors that can delay the RV there is no set date anyone can rely on.

It’s very discouraging for some people have to read these chat rooms posting with a date only to get disappointed. My suggestion: Stop visiting these ‘dinar rumor’ chat rooms! Most of them are worthless and many have ulterior motives. They are Dinar pumpers and try to get you to buy from their source.

For those of you that have invested stay patient and don’t get pumped up from an RV date. Just pay attention to what is going on and (hopefully) the day it does RV – run to the bank!

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