What are Roth IRA Limits?


Roth Ira is among the best available savings and investments accounts available in the United States. It is very advantageous to users since it does not attract any tax; tax deferments do not apply to this kind of the savings plan.

The Roth ira limits contribution allows for contributions adjustments to amounts lesser than your gross income; annual contribution limits are imposed by the federal government.

The limits are usually reviewed depending on several factors; the major factor is the prevailing rate of inflation at any given point.

It is advisable to take advantage of the tax advantages of investing and make as much contributions to the investment as you can, ensure that you make maximum annual contribution.

Eligibility to contribute will be restricted by your filing status as well as your modified adjusted gross income. Roth Ira limits have been imposed by the congress depending on the amount of income one earns.

The most that one can contribute is $5,000 dollars for those below the age of 50, while those who are over 50 years, have their limit increased by $1,000 to $6,000.

It is important to note that every contribution relates to a specific calendar year. Contributions can be made from January 1 of a given year to the deadline for the tax returns for that year i.e. 15 April of the following year.

Contributions can either be made in a lump sum or small contributions as long as the total contributions do not exceed the limit.

Despite the limits restricted on contributions, investment in Roth ira has numerous advantages for investors; one can make direct contributions which may be withdrawn at any given time by the investor with no tax or other penalties.

The investment plan also allows people to contribute even if they are participating in qualified retirement plans. The funds can be used to purchase a variety of investments such as bonds, stocks etc.

The best part of the investment is that there is no mandatory distribution age. Roth Ira limits have made the investments to the plan more appealing and user friendly.

When the rules and procedures are followed properly, you will save much and pay less in tax deductions.

Always work towards meeting the eligibility criteria to benefit from the plan. Roth ira helps you meet your future obligations with minimal strain.

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