Tom Strignano’s Forex Signals – 5 Steps For Quick Success


Even though every member of Tom Strignano’s Forex Signals gets the same tools, training, signals, indicators and access to Tom and Carlos, some traders are successful faster than others. Here are 5 steps to being successful with this service as fast as possible. Ignore these tips at your own peril.

Enter With The Goal Of Learning First, And Profiting Second

Yes, we all want to start making money as fast as possible. But don’t let your enthusiasm get the best of you. There is a lot to learn BEFORE you start placing trades. And learning is what is going to enable you to profit… so put your time in.

Understand The Important Levels Before Placing A Trade

Tom has gone through a lot of trouble to calculate important price levels for us. There are the pivot points, daily range and the most important Trend Reactionary Numbers. These levels are like a map on your charts. They keep you from buying into resistance and selling into support. Learn how to use these levels and your trading success skyrockets.

Trade The Signals In The Direction Of The Trend

Tom always says you should trade from one Trend Reactionary Number to another. So, there is a direction you are looking to trade in. Therefore, play close attention to the signals given that go in the direction of the trend you are trading. Look at any counter-trend signals very closely before entering.

Be Flexible And Use Other Trading Methods In Conjunction With The Signals

The signals are not the only way Tom teaches to get into the market. There is the head fake, catapult 80 and trading off Trend Reactionary Numbers which he also teaches you. Learn how to use all of these and flow from one to the next… and you can capture some huge moves in the market.

Keep A Trading Journal

Success learning any new skill is a process. Therefore, you need to document this process by keeping a trading journal of all your trades. Then look back on your trading and identify where you can improve and what modifications you need to make to your trading plan.

Keep in mind, just because you are getting a professional Forex trader to teach you and share his methods and tools with you… it is YOU who place the trades. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take the training, methods and tools and put them into successful action. Use these 5 steps to help you on your way.

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