The Silver Price Will Explode!


The silver price will explode in the coming years, and if you are not positioned you will lose out big time. The demand for silver is soaring, and China recently announced the legal ownership of silver to its citizens. Countries, industry, and investors are starting to put an increased strain on the already strained silver market.

Silver is an industrial metal as well as a monetary metal. Industrial uses for silver are growing at an exponential rate. Since silver is used in solar panels, water filters, medical applications, electronics, and more, the demand for silver is at record highs. Silver is not recycled like gold either, but is thrown away into land fills to never be seen again.

The silver price is rising higher due to the investor demand along with a severe shortage situation. Our government has been busy suppressing the price of silver, illegally, to falsely prop the dollar up. Buying silver coins, silver bars, silver bullion, and silver stocks will be the smartest decision you ever make financially.

Economist Bob Chapman has stated that gold will go anywhere between $7,000 and $12,000 per ounce. Silver follows right along with gold in any price movements. You are going to get slaughtered if you stay in dollar related assets. If you are invested in stocks, bonds, cash value insurance policies, annuities, and anything denominated in U.S. dollars, you should get out of them while the market is still high.

The silver to gold ratio is historically 15:1, but today that ratio fluctuates between 60 and 70. The silver to gold ratio is how many ounces of silver it takes to buy one ounce of gold. The silver to gold ratio is out of wack because our government has intervened in the markets and is suppressing the price of silver.

The price of silver is held down by manipulation on the COMEX. JP Morgan and HSBC are the major short sellers of silver, and they are illegally over their position limits by thousands of contracts. The short sellers are illegally controlling the price, but the physical demand surfacing will soon end any price manipulation, and the price of silver will go bananas when that happens.

These banks are taking out huge positions on silver and selling those contracts on the market, thus flooding the market with silver and bringing the price down. The organization GATA (Gold Anti Trust Action) Committee are in the process of bringing this manipulation to an end. When this manipulation is stopped, get ready for silver to skyrocket to its true value, which could be anywhere from $140 to higher than the gold price according to many experts.

These banks continue their illegal activities, even though they are way over their allowable position limits. The manipulation I am talking about will come to an end, investors in silver must be patient though. The COMEX has already defaulted on customers wanting physical delivery of their gold contracts, which begs the question “Do they even have the gold they claim to have?”

Just a tiny amount of investors buying silver would send the price sky high. The market is so small, and when people realize that this fake market rally is a reality, they will do all they can to buy into silver. The market will get away from you if you are not positioned because of the tiny size of the market. The greatest bull market is under way right now. Do yourself and your family a favor and get into silver ASAP.

God bless.

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