The Forex Sorcerer – What is the Logic Behind the Magic?


From $100 to over $3,000,000 in 5 years? No mistake! That’s over $3Mil!

That’s what the creators of this Forex Sorcerer robot is claiming. The claims are even greater with a larger initial investment. There are live accounts to back this up. And do they ever! Seven statements showing 7 years of live trading! It isn’t back testing results, too!

It is the only results that make any difference.

Here is the what is being said;

“So what does Forex Sorcerer have to offer its users? Simply put, Forex Sorcerer catapults your profits. Being a cold, hard, cash-generating machine, it’s impervious to the ups and downs of other traders, to the influence of news and events, and to the other problems that can quickly turn a wad of cash into a big ball of nothing for people without the right tools and knowledge.”

The first thought that comes to mind when you hear such unbelievable numbers being presented are that it’s fake. We’re not moved when we hear these numbers. The kind of numbers that we take into consideration are the ones that we get from testing these robots. The lure of quick and easy money is strong.

Look, making money in forex is difficult. Don’t believe any person that will tell you that it is. Forex robots have come along and promised easy profits but there are a few things that we look for in them before we even get into testing them.

Unlike the Forex Sorcerer and other more recent ones, the early versions of forex robots did nothing more than automate the task of reading indicators and making trades based on them. Thusly, they all displayed the same characteristics that most all forex systems that use indicators suffer from.

To say it another way, early forex robots were prone to failure.

The Forex Sorcerer and newer forex robots are the next generation of trading robots and they utilize the latest innovations and discoveries using complex algorithms to perform calculations that are not humanly possible to make correct trades.

I’m no mathematician so I couldn’t begin to understand or explain to anyone how or what these algorithms work. Being that it is so, asking to be told how it works exactly would be a waste of time much less trying to explain it.

So what about this Forex Sorcerer thing…

Two of the most important clues as to whether a forex robot is even worth looking into are it’s makers creds and validity of the statements offered. Backtesting isn’t considered. Not worth looking at.

The Forex Sorcerer piques our interest since it has both. Going 7 years back, the live trading statements really give the Forex Sorcerer some juice as to how well it may work.

Now we’ve never heard of the creators of the Forex Sorcerer before and certainly not in trading circles but they do all have credible backgrounds. What do we mean by that? No doubt that you have seen adverts for so-called secrets to riches that some guy who never went to college discovered and made millions from and that if you were to pay some fee or price, you can have it too, right?

That’s not how it is in this case. The first guy is an electrical engineer and the second has a finance background so really knows how money flows. The 3rd one is the one with the computing skills to put together the Forex Sorcerer.A good collection of brainpower if there ever was one!

The most interesting part is that the Forex Sorcerer uses pure logic to execute trades. There’s no hocus pocus happening here. Yep. It is pure logic. One plus one logic.

After all is said and done, although the it’s said that the markets are driven by emotion, it is just numbers. Up, down or sideways are the only 3 ways the market will go. No other way. It’s pure logic. How many other things that there are in life that only offer you 3 choices to make to possibly earn millions of dollars? Forex, baby!

Whether you are trading forex, just beginning to trade, or are considering it, then you should most definitely get the Forex Sorcerer. If the point is to make money, then the Forex Sorcerer can do that for you….and how!

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