The Forex Sorcerer – Magic For the Forex Trader


Just Released! The Forex Sorcerer – Created With Magic. Infused With Logic!

OK. So maybe that headline is a little too dramatic. But I didn’t name the darn thing, did I? But in reviewing this latest forex robot, magic may not be too far-fetched a way to describe it.

Again, keep in mind that this is a preliminary look-see and not meant to be a full review of how well it actually works. We decided to take this one out for a test drive because it sounds as if it’s got real potential.

In our experience, most every forex robot makes outrageous claims that would raise the eyebrows of the stiffest stiff in the FTC’s offices. Even the most monotoned robotic deskjockey over at the IRS voice would go up an octave upon seeing the kind of claims made these days! Guess you can chalk it up to an extreme case of keeping up with the Joneses syndrome. Each new successive forex robot that comes out has to outdo the one previous in order to garner our attention.

But what raised our eyebrows (which reminds me of someone’s need to have his plucked!) is that the Forex Sorcerer claims to turn $100 into more than $3 Mil in only 5 years! If that were real, do you know how many financial advisors would lose their jobs when they keep touting the money compounding power of getting 6% interest per annum? That’s less than peanuts compared to what the Forex Sorcerer claims to be able to do!

The acceleration curve on this thing has to be like that of a rocket! To start with as little as $100, the first few months or even a year would have to start out very slowly and as the account builds, it must pick up steam very quickly in order to make it over $3 Mil.

Sort of reminds me of that trick question, “Would you rather receive a $1 Mil right now or would you rather get a penny today and have it doubled everyday for thirty days?” Of course you know the right answer to that, right? The acceleration curve on that penny doubling everyday is greater than 75 degrees!

The other claim that intrigues us is that they claim to have only risked at most ever only 3% of the account at any time. Three percent of $100 is only $3.00! That means that in the beginning, they not only didn’t trade mini-lots, they traded micro-lots! Talk about earning pennies! By the way, that old saying only works if you NEVER lose a penny during those 30 days your waiting for that penny to grow.

So based on that logic of a penny turning into over $10 Mil in only 30 days if you doubled it everyday, theoretically, it is very possible for that $100 to be turned into over $3 Mil in 5 years. That’s what the Forex Sorcerer is promising to do and claims it has done.

I have a new term for it. I call it “Penny Logic”.

So if you can think outside the box for a minute and really think about this, would you invest $100 and let it ride if you knew that in just over 5 years time, you would be able to reap $3,000,000? Practically guaranteed? Without having to lift a finger other than to check your account once in awhile? Is it worth it? You bet it is!

So what if you lose $100? I’m sure that if you’ve tried trading forex on your own at anytime, you have experienced MUCH bigger losses than that!

The same financial advisors that urge you to put your money into the stock markets and let it ride for 30-40 years or so and maybe you’ll end up with about $1,000,000 in the end are the same ones who have contributed to the financial crisis that plagues us today. A 6% return per annum? Are you kidding me? With forex and most likely with this Forex Sorcerer automated trading robot, 6% per WEEK ROI is what is possible!

Ok, so let’s modernize that old penny question a little….

Would you rather get a 6% ROI per annum giving your financial “guru” your money or would you invest “only” $100 into the forex market and let the Forex Sorcerer handle your money for a 6% per WEEK return on investment?

I know my answer. What’s yours?

So who would like to have $3 million dollars in their pockets 5 years from now….on autopilot! Practically guaranteed? Not enough? Ok, how about over $10 million? Still not enough? Try over $345 MILLION! That’s lottery ticket money! If you answered YES, then you must check out the Forex Sorcerer forex trading robot. No one can promise you that you will make 3, 10 or 345 MILLION dollars from it but what if you came close?

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