Simple Forex Trading Strategy – An Easy to Learn One the Pros Use For Triple Digit Profits!


The simple Forex trading strategy enclosed is the one that is used by some of the top traders in the world; it’s simple to understand, easy to apply and will get you on the road to currency trading profits, in just 30 minutes a day, let’s take a look at it.

This strategy is ignored by most traders but don’t forget most new traders lose, so that’s of no concern but the pros use it because it works and will always work and it’s based upon the way every new bullish trend starts and continues and that’s, by breaking to new market highs. If you look at any currency pair, you will see this is true therefore, if you buy breakouts you have the odds on your side and make a lot of money – so why don’t most traders try this simple Forex trading strategy?

The reason is they think they can predict the exact low and believe all the nonsense, written by so called experts that markets move to some hidden order when they don’t – there not predictable! Prediction is just another word for guessing and that won’t get you far in Forex trading. Breakout trading allows you to trade the reality of price change and when a good breakout occurs, the odds are firmly on your side.

So how do you go about making money from breakout trading?

The answer is to be patient and selective and only trade levels that have provided strong resistance in the past before the break. You should really be looking for as many tests as possible and ideally, two of these tests should be widely spaced apart in terms of time. I like to trade a minimum of 4 tests and two of them, should be at least a few weeks apart.

When you get your trading signal and the break occurs you put your stop under the breakout point which gives you low risk and wait for the trend to unfold. In breakout trading you are getting 10 times the reward to your risk on many trades, so you can be wrong a lot of times and still make huge gains!

The good thing about breakout trading is as long as markets trend it will work, you never have to guess, your trading signal to enter the market is right above the resistance level and you have great risk to reward which is a combination all Forex traders want.

So forget prediction and trade the odds via breakouts and you will make a great second income in around 30 minutes a day.

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