Private Placement Memorandum – Find Out How to Become an Investor Magnet – Fast!


If you’re trying to raise capital there are regulations set forth by the SEC to make sure everyone is conducting business ethically and in a way that can keep one accountable for their actions if fraud takes place. Regulation D Rule exemptions 504, 505 and 506 offer solid fund-raising capabilities that can handle most investment needs. Companies typically hire a consulting firm to author these documents and within 30 days you’re off and running and talking to investors; that is, of course talking to investors while staying within the boundaries of Rule 502c which dictates the guidelines for solicitation which means no active promotion of the issuance of your securities.

This basically means that unless you have a bunch of millionaire friends, you’re no better off now than you were before the PPM was created. So, how does one raise capital in an environment which limits the promotion of your offering with such limitations? Easy, corporate publicity! You must have your timing right in order for this to work but here is basically what we do with our clients as we are writing their PPM and what you should do if you already have an Offering Memorandum written. First we make sure that they have a solid presence online, within their industry genre by getting them massive exposure virally using video, social and news bookmarks, press releases, unique article submission, image/photo marketing etc. This exposure is just for basic branding purposes and not advertising the investment opportunity.

This process will draw massive amounts of attention to their company while we use specifically researched tags that will cater to the internet user who is researching their industry and/or looking for this specific company’s position in the marketplace. The next thing that you’ll want to do is promote your company using traditional means such as radio, TV and articles written about your company and executives within the company. Now, these promotions are not ads, instead they are interviews and/or expert conversations where you’re being brought in to talk about your industry as a whole. This passive promotional technique will allow for multiple ‘plugs’ during the conversation that lead potential clients and investors to your doorstep.

If you don’t have a publicist you will need one and during your initial ramp up you’ll want to have a targeted, localized and national audience using a minimum of 5 promotional combinations, this is crucial! Lastly, you are going to want to start blogging like a maniac. Blog and respond to any and every industry specific blog you can find. It is crucial that you carve out your position as an authority in the marketplace to tower like a beacon to future customers and investors.

Now you are ready to start talking to investors. The publicity used above will usually deliver a powerful enough promotion that will yield a steady flow of clients and potential investors and once word gets out that you’re company is solid and that you are offering equity investment opportunities…well the fund-raising trail get’s easier and easier. You may also want to consider using an ‘investor finder’ at this point. An ‘investor finder’ is an individual or company that has substantial accredited investor contacts and will introduce you to those contacts for a flat fee. They are not a market maker nor are they a broker dealer. They are typically a broker of sorts that holds minimal securities licenses yet packs a punch with their ability to set you up with active investing contacts.

Raising capital is actually extremely easy if you set your company up in a way that is conducive to investment.

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