IvyBot: From a Trader’s Perspective

After months of anticipation, the IvyBot was finally released to the market and is now taking the world by storm. Its makers, the Ivy League, guarantees weekly software updates for life, which is a breakthrough in the world of Forex robots.

Another excellent feature of the IvyBot is that while other Forex robots out there only have one system, it has 4, one robot designed and customized specifically for each currency pair.

The IvyBot is an extremely powerful Forex robot that has been selling very well in today’s market. If you are thinking of buying one, make sure you consider the pros and cons carefully.


1. You get a Forex robot that adapts to market fluctuations. You get a very dynamic program that automatically adjusts itself to changes in market conditions. Because of this, trading risks are significantly reduced.

2. At $149.95, the IvyBot is very affordable. You get lots of freebies and bonuses when you purchase it as well.

3. You do not have to exert a lot of time and effort trading because it is fully automatic. After the initial setup you are good to go.

4. It has the power capacity of 4 robots. Essentially, you get 4 fully functional robots for the price of one.

5. It can be used for both small-scale or large-scale trading.


1. Perhaps the most common complaint you get from users of the IvyBot is that trading currency pairs is limited to only 4 pairs. Other robots do not have the same problem as they can trade with as many currency pairs as they want.

2. If you use the IvyBot, you will not learn as much because it does all the dirty work for you.

Who should purchase the IvyBot?

Well, this is very ideal for busy people who do not have a lot of time to engage themselves in Forex trading. But generally, this is for anyone who wants to earn more, on a more consistent basis. Regardless of whether you want to start big or small, this Forex robot will work for you.

If the makers of the IvyBot will stay true to their word of providing weekly updates and being able to automatically tweak it to adjust to current market conditions, than the IvyBot will remain one step ahead of the competition. As you are well aware, nothing is constant in the world of Forex trading and having a system that can address the instability issue gives you the edge over everyone else.