How Money Market Account Mutual Funds Work


People who are interested in stock trading always look for schemes that give the assurance of low risk. Investing is an art that is aimed to bring in profits as nobody wants to end up in loss. Investing in mutual funds is considered to be one of safest ways to be free from the risk of loss as it assures return on investment. Trading pundits feel that one of the stock trading schemes that involve very low risks is money market mutual fund.

So what is a money market mutual fund? It is a kind of mutual fund laid down by the law so that investors can invest in securities that involve low risks. The money market mutual funds are not covered federally. The risk rate in this type of mutual fund is very low as compared to any other type of mutual fund and earn through dividends.

Money market funds only involve investing money in high quality short term investments. When you checkout the portfolio of these funds, you will understand that it includes low risk securities such as notice money, treasury bills, commercial documents of highly rated firms, government securities, certificate of deposits, etc.

The liquidity of these securities is high and it targets to maintain the Net Asset Value at a constant value. Money market fund is similar to the money kept as deposit in a bank. You can also make a check on your money-market fund and pay any amount of money just the way you do it at your bank.

Even though there is less chance of loss but there is a possibility that you may suffer from it. There are several risks involved such as the debtor will not stand in a position to pay the returns; the interest rate can increase and cause you to suffer loss if you are in a situation to sell it prior to the date of maturity. Moreover, there is a strong possibility that in the coming years if the inflation is high, your returns will not be of much value. This can happen if you are keeping an eye over your investment portfolio.

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