Free Forex Trading Strategies – This Strategy Has Made Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Real Time


Yes you read the title correctly, the free Forex trading strategy enclosed has made hundreds of millions of dollars in real time trading and is totally free! If you want to enjoy Forex trading success, you should study it and learn from it.

The strategy we are going to look at is simple long term breakout trading strategy which has strict money management rules and was devised by trading legend Richard Dennis. He devised this strategy for a specific reason which was to prove anyone could make money in currency trading, if they had the right education.

The strategy (known as the Turtle trading Rules) was given to as group of traders, who were novices with no previous trading experience; they then spent two weeks learning the markets and studying the strategy and they were then given trading accounts. What happened next, has gone down in trading history – as these traders made over a hundred million dollars in 4 years and proved Dennis right – that anyone with the right system and confidence in it can win.

The whole strategy is free and anyone can see it, learn it and use it and while it is not as effective as when the above group of traders used it over 25 years ago but still makes money. For me the great thing about this free Forex trading strategy is that it has all the elements a good strategy should:

It focuses on the long term trends, is based on breakout trading which in my view is the best way to catch the big trends and has excellent money management rules. This system lost far more trades than it won but it piled up massive gains, so it’s worth looking at for the money management rules alone.

Today, many traders buy cheap so called Forex robots and Expert Advisors from computer prgrammers, who can only make money simulating their systems backwards knowing the closing prices and of coruse these systems all lose, when they have to mtrade in real time, not knowing the closing prices. These traders strangely ignore a great system like the one above which is from a true trading legend, has made profits and is the real deal.

f you want to enjoy currency trading success, check out this free Forex trading strategy, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so

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