Forex MegaDroid Review

Are you facing losses in FOREX? Are you a victim of average FOREX robots? If you answer yes, then it is a clear indication that you have not used the FOREX MegaDroid. Introduced on March 2009, this FOREX expert adviser can “quadruple every dollar invested” – Albert Perrie and John Grace.

So does the autopilot really work? Can one get 300% percent profits in just 90 days of trading with this expert?

Continue reading the post to find answers for these questions.

Experience is important in any field and in FOREX it plays a great role. It is this combined experience of almost 38 years between Albert and John that has given birth to this invention – FOREX MegaDroid. The robot differs from others in the market because it uses market adapting intelligence.

Most of the robots are made using strict hardcoded rules that work fine when the market behavior is consistent. However, many of these robots tend to fail when there is even a slight change in the market. But the FOREX MegaDroid dynamically changes as the market does, allowing a higher success rate.

Another great plus of this robot is the use of a technique called RCTPA. RCTPA stands for Reverse Correlated Time and Price Analysis. By using this technique the robot predicts what is going to happen in the market in the near future, more specifically in the next 2 to 4 hours. Impressively enough, the robot can do this with a near 96% accuracy rating.

A true review is not complete without pointing out the drawbacks of the product or the risks involved with the product. FOREX MegaDroid only trades when your laptop or computer is on. This means that you need to leave your system running and to overcome this you got to subscribe the FOREX VPS which costs some additional $35 per month.

Apart from this, the robot only trades EUR/USD and can not be used if you wish to trade other currency pairs. The customer service from FOREX MegaDroid is also a bit slow as the tech support took almost three days to respond.

Now the bottom line.Seeing the test results of the product and also the user comments, the pros of the robot clearly defeats the minor cons and the FOREX MegaDroid is recommended for those who are looking for an efficient FOREX autopilot solution.

With just $97, it is time to see your investments getting quadrupled in the FOREX market.