Forex Automated Trading As a Full Time Job From Home?


Forex has become a magnitude in the trading industry, which is the largest liquid market in the world, averaging over three trillion dollars daily. Forex far exceeds both the NASDAQ stock market and the New York stock exchange, resulting in a thirty times larger trading system then both combined. Forex currency trades are preformed between banks, forex investors and the currency dealers.

There is no centralized location for forex trading.

All the trading is done through automated methods, such as computers and telephones. In addition, there are brokers who are available to help and council the thousands of investors on their buying and selling questions.

Forex has been around for decades, but has only been available to the average Joe for the last few years. Most of all forex trades were within banks, financial institutions, or individuals with an extreme amount of disposable income. Back then, unless you had a very large sum of money to invest, the forex market was not available to you.

But thanks to technology……..anyone with a computer, an internet connection and of course a few hundred dollars that they can invest can be their own forex trader. Getting set up as a trader is the easy part, but educating yourself on how to not only trade, but trade successfully is the difficult part. Wouldn’t it be nice to take home some of that 3+ trillion every day from home?!?!

If you are new to forex trading, this should start as a part time investment. Quitting your job right away is not a wise decision. You want to start with small, educated steps, and make sure you are comfortable with your investments.

Please remember that forex is like any other market. Currencies will go up and down, so you’ll need to be a smart investor and know how to read the market trends and makes successful, profitable trades. Once you are confident that you can make money and are aware of the market trends, you can start adding more time to your forex trading.

If you ever read forex articles (which I hope you are doing) you will quickly notice the phrase “trend is your friend”. This is something you want to apply to your trading methods. Analyzing the trends is essential in foreign exchange trades.

During the past few months I’m sure you have seen dozens of computer software programs advertising that they can assist in trend monitoring. I’m sure you’re thinking that a human being would be better at following trends, especially when we are directly involved in economic changes. We can incorporate factors that computer programs wouldn’t be aware of, and make a more accurate decision………

………..But you would need to be at your computer all day, everyday, as the forex trading market is active during the day and night 24hrs a day Mon-Fri.

I know as well as you do, that you cannot be at your computer all day and night. Programs like forex Nuke or forex A. I are available to help you make profitable decisions when you are not at your computer. These programs will essentially be you when you’re not at your computer.

Below are just a few advantages that forex has over other markets.

  • Low start up investment! – You can start with as little $50 to $500 in forex markets!

  • Deregulated! – has non-stop fluctuations with huge opportunities to profit fast

  • 24 hour a day action! – Markets are open from Monday to Friday 24hrs a day.

  • No Monopoly! – Impossible to manipulate forex markets making it even for all investors

  • Free Demo Money! – Before you begin to use your real hard earned money, you can access free demo money accounts to practice with.

  • No human interaction! You have the ability to integrate an automated tool to create hands off trading system.

It might seem confusing at first, but forex trading is much simpler to understand than its buddy, the stock market. There are five major currencies that are currently dominating the forex market.

They are the US dollar, the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss Franc and the British Pound.

Trades are processed in pairs of currencies which are known as crosses. This is where you would make money. When an investor buys Euro/USD he expects the euro to increase in value against the US dollar. In addition if he wishes to sell the Euro/USD he is selling the euro against the U.S dollar. Of the five Major currencies, the US dollar is the most dominant, absorbing 83% of all transactions world wide.

Make sure you are completely comfortable before you invest. This will be the difference between losing your investment or achieving financial freedom.

Thank you for reading. Good Luck, and happy trading.

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