FAP TURBO – The Efficient Forex Guru

It is no doubt that FOREX is the most powerful trading market that is still standing tall even in the global economic recession. In the recent past, the market has been attracting a great deal of naive traders who are lured by the hypes given about the market. Though FOREX is worth for the hypes about it, is it not very easy to make money in the market if you do not understand the basics.

You need to put forth a lot of hard work and effort, and follow the market closely if you wish to make some money. Following complex graphs and charts are often the toughest task especially if you are a beginner in the field, as all these seem to be foreign to you. So what is the solution? Can’t beginners gain profit from Forex? One solution is automated FOREX software.

FOREX Robots

These FOREX robots are nothing but automated computer programs that help you to gain large profits in the market with minimal human intervention. With these products you can make thousands of dollars from FOREX even when you are away from your system. Seeing the potential gains of these robots, a lot of people are coming up with their own robots and claim great results with them. So choosing an efficient robot has itself become a difficult task, as choosing the wrong product will only result in wasting your hard earned money.

FAP TURBO – Innovation Personified

To make your task of choosing the FOREX robot simple, let us introduce an efficient product – FAP TURBO. This product is not just a fake system that shows results in back tests alone. Unlike many other products this robot performs extraordinarily, even in live trading with 100% profits in a month. The product is the result of Steve Carletti, Mike and Ulrich; three highly innovative minds. This efficient robot stems from one of the previously most efficient robots,  Forexautopilot created by Marcus B.Leary.

FAP TURBO is based on Forexautopilot but it works 10 times more efficiently than Forexautopilot. Though Forexautopilot was a great hit, it had a major drawback. It utilized an all or nothing formula, resulting in a risk of debt if your robot looses a trade. Eliminating all these pitfalls, FAP TURBO is now available in the market to win you money.

Performance of FAP TURBO

The robot has been back tested for almost 9 years and the results of these tests have been quite amazing. In this time span of 9 years, the robot has been involved in 9645 trades of which it has reported a 95.9% sucess rate with a net profit of about 5000% of the money invested. It has also reported a drawdown of only .35% and thus can ensure minimal loss to the user.  The robot can turn $2500 into $8700 in just 45 days. Thus it shows a net profit of 100% in live trading which is not possible with any other robot in the market.

Additional benefits of FAP TURBO

Apart from these awe-inspiring results, the robot is also quite simple to use and is easy to download and install. It starts working with a minimal investment of $50 and can achieve a profit even if don’t know the basics of FOREX. The robot ensures profit in very short time period and also guarantees profit to everyone using it whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader. The robot also performs well even in the current world economy.


As every coin has two sides they are some cons with this product as well. Feedback from traders using this product has suggested that FAP TURBO lacks performance when it comes to long term trade, as the accuracy of the robot is only 40% compared to more than 80% in short term trades. It has also been noted that the robot works fine and a yields good sum only when you are online. To use the robot in offline mode you need to sign up for an additional service which costs $70 more.

In conclusion however, the pros of the product clearly overweight the cons. If you are looking to make good profit with short term trades this product is for you.

Format: Digital Software Delivery: Instant Download OR Install on FAP Turbo Server Price: $149.00 Warranty Information: 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee Created By: Steve Carletti