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As a Forex broker, Easy Forex has been active in the Forex Trading for almost a decade. Easy Forex was created in 1999 and has seen their fortunes slowly rising as most online Forex brokers choose to do business with them over Forex brokers.

They had a very straightforward strategy in the old days. They want to simply the process of online Forex trading for their clients. Because of this, they did not have a Forex trading platform for download. Their own website was the trading hub used to place orders.

Clients had to fill in query boxes regarding their trade. Their website has always been simple without too much clutter. Because of this, navigation is very simple. In the past, the spreads offered by Easy Forex were not very impressive as they were a bit higher than other major online Forex brokers. They have fixed that problem and now offer spreads that a very comparable but still not the lowest on the market.

But spreads alone are not enough to determine a stable online broker. One must also look at the brokers reliability and Easy Forex has been in the business for reaching ten years. Which is a good indicator that Easy Forex is a stable and safe online Forex broker to invest with. They have been granted full regulation in Australia, America and Europe.

But there are other areas where they offer benefits to clients as well. While the competition is offering 4 or 5 base currency accounts, this broker offers 12. You can open an account with them in the US dollar, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Euro, Singapore dollar, New Zealand dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Norwegian Krone, Swiss Franc, Israeli New Shekel and the Polish Zloty. An impressive amount of currencies.

They also offer a number of commodities which include silver, gold, crude oil, gas oil and heating oil. Should traders need to make a withdrawal, there are no fees. The competition normally charges a fee ranging from 20 to 30 per withdrawal. Customers can trade from anywhere on the globe since their platform is entirely web based. No downloads are needed. Clients are also given the unique ability to freeze the price before entering a trade.

This feature is unique only to Easy Forex. Sometimes opening a trade at the price you want can be tricky as prices are constantly fluctuating. Should potential clients wish to try their platform, they offer a Free Forex Demo Account. Easy Forex is truly one of the top online brokers when looking at their benefits.

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