Compare Mutual Funds – Some Tips


Mutual funds are investment instruments that can help you earn a high percentage of income by investing your money in diversified assets, stocks, bonds and other securities. With a plethora of mutual funds being offered consistently and with lot of advertising about how a particular mutual fund can really help you earn massive wealth, it may become difficult to choose the right fund for you among many mutual funds.

Let us take three mutual funds, an equity diversified fund, a balanced fund and a debt fun. Now the first one is mostly used for investing in equity market, with the ability to give higher than average rate of returns. Usually part track record is commonly used as a metric to evaluate the future performance of the mutual fund. However, you can never guarantee that just because a fund performance had worked well n the past, it will do so in the future. In the equity market, there is risk involved because a lot of things can happen, the financial condition of the country may be in doldrums, the fund manager may change, the market may go down etc. The balanced fund that has a 50-50 or 60-40 allocation in equity and debt is also susceptible to unpredictability. Debt funds used by conservative investors may ensure safety of the capital but you cannot expect high returns.

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Funds are not doubt safer than stock market, but it is still prone to risk. The investor does not have control over his decisions and is at the mercy of the fund manager. Also there are exit loads in investment, which means if you withdraw your money, you will have to part with some money as commission to the advisor. Compared to mutual funds, affiliate marketing is much safer than mutual funds. You are able to exercise control over your investment, and there is no entry or exist cost in affiliate marketing. So go for 2-tier affiliate marketing, because you can make a lot of money even with very low investment.

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