Best Mutual Funds to Invest in Now


The year 2008 was an eye opener for many investors and financial experts who watched the markets lose several thousand points in a matter of months and many, many individual stocks losing 50% or more of their value. Stocks that actually made steady gains during this period could be counted on one hand. Trying to maintain a steady portfolio can be hard work at any time, but during times like those it can be a nightmare.

People who owned mutual funds during this period were safer than most because mutual funds generally spread their investment monies across the board to many different investments and types of investments.

If you are considering investing, or reinvesting if you pulled out during the economic downturn, you will want to look for mutual funds with a good cash flow, either through bonds or dividends. This is a very important factor if stocks go back into a decline. The bonds can supply interest and the dividends have an income of yield percentage.

Here are a few different funds that did well last year. Take you time and research each one to find out if it’s financial goals match yours. This list is compiled on the funds future potential and long term performance.

• Franklin Gold and Precious Metals has been one of the best funds of this year and over the past 10 years. The fund has shown a consistent 14% return and a current dividend of 8.3%. Since gold is now at an extremely high level, this fund will continue to thrive.

• The New Alternatives Fund seeks companies that focus their efforts in eco-friendly ways of doing business, renewable energy sources, and energy conservation and environmental protection. Green energy will be booming in the next 2 decades and beyond and any investments in this area can be very profitable.

• Franklin Utilities Fund has a dividend of 4% and an annual yield of 5.17% which is several times better than many funds. Utility companies have always been and are sure to remain solid investments for those interested in stability and steady, predictable income sources.

• Any municipal bond fund is a good choice. While bond rates have increased recently they continue to be a great way to collect regular interest and keep your principle safe.

Mutual funds are one of the safest investments during times of economic instability. Finding a fund that fits your needs should not be difficult with more than 10,000 funds available.

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