Automated Currency Trading – Can the Automated Currency Trading Robots Replace Traders Itself?


Sudden appearance of the automated currency software as they call it robots has transfigured the system of the currency trading market known as the Forex market. Many are surprised about the features of these robots and traders who purchased one for themselves really found it to be very convenient for them.

We may explore the word convenient as the users of the products claims. What does a product do for you to be called convenient? It saves you something that you may be deficient in. These robots promise you additional extra time and effort. It goes well along with each other. The longer you work the more effort you exert that is why these robots are invented. They will do the actual trading for you.

Alright we are already convenient on its basic feature. The usual feature of any kind of robot is doing the work instead of you. But it does not stop there. Convenience will not automatically mean profit but may sometimes means lost. Other feature of some currency trading robots is equipped with artificial intelligence that minimizes the percentage of loss. So we have determined two features available in the automated currency trading robot.

In depth knowledge is not needed with the use of these robots? It is almost in every advertisement of available Forex trading robot out in the market today. However, I greatly discourage this kind of scenario. Before engaging in any market, be knowledgeable enough to know your way in and out to be able to walk with your head up high and your hands in your pocket of profit gained.

Since it is called a robot, you cannot expect it to laugh with you on your winning nor cry with you in time of losses. It is equipped with artificial intelligence, emotional intelligence not included in the package. They trade based on figures alone. Other factors which you may think or know will greatly affect the Forex market, you have to intervene. You have to manipulate your robot according to your knowledge and skill gained from your experience of trading.

This is where the beauty of the human brain comes in. No robot can replace the decision process that the human brain can. Though it is also made by the human brain but it is not the actual one that was given by our Creator. These robots are there to aid us in our daily trading live but will never replace us completely.

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